Why do you have to wait two months for a new president to be installed?

The fact that Joe Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States two months ago did not immediately allow him to hold a position in the White House. In fact, it is typical for all newly elected presidents to wait some time. Weeks before it takes over completely.

Before 1933, successful candidates in the US election were swearing an oath On March 4th. A time that was very far from the elections, and they usually take place in November.

This day is called “Inauguration Day“, In 1789, when the first president of the United States of America was elected. Nevertheless, everything was utter coincidence. The Continental Congress (a government body that was to assume the inauguration of the first head of state in the American democratic structure) was not precisely established March 4, but The first Wednesday of this month – which coincided, by chance, with the aforementioned date.

It should be borne in mind that the decision to determine this special day several months after the elections was based on an important factor: Time to move people from state to Washington. Communication methods, in the past, were not at all similar today. Moving from one region to another was a difficult task, especially if we were talking about hundreds of men, including the most important figure of the fledgling United States of America. For this, there was a need to install the boss at a date when everything could be managed and without feeling overwhelmed by the time factor.

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Since the inauguration of George Washington is a unique event, Deadlines were not respected The newly elected head of state was first sworn in on April 30, 1789, a month after the deadline.

researcher Jim BondsAuthor of the bookThe Great Day of Democracy: The Inauguration of Our President from 1789 to 2013Note another interesting element that could better describe the emerging American society.

March 4 began to be used consistently as an “official” date for the president’s inauguration in the White House and not just an issue.HistoricalOr legislative, but also why It was rare for that day to happen on a Sunday – The day off It was foretold by the Christian rite which, if possible, should be kept separate from political affairs.

Question for “Sunday Untouchable“It continues today. For example, during the second term of Barack ObamaOn Sunday, the official and major swearing-in ceremony fell. To solve this problem, Obama swore privately on the designated day and the major demonstrations were celebrated on Inauguration Day the following Monday.

In the twentieth century The issue of transportation, which existed two centuries ago, is no longer a factor of concern. Presidents, congressmen, and parliamentarians can easily move around the country. With the addition of World War I and the onset of the Great Depression, it became apparent that the waiting period between elections and the inauguration of the head of state was very long.

Between the Hoover and Roosevelt presidencies, Congress decided to take the economic issue at hand and among the proposals presented there was also Twentieth AmendmentWhich stipulated that future presidents settle in the White House Every January 20th Celebrations will be held from noon.

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