Why buy an OLED screen when you can 3D print at home?

Rumor has it that the interesting discovery will give you the opportunity to make an OLED screen yourself instead of repairing your screen or TV. Researchers at the University of Minnesota They managed to create Which is supposed to be the first 3D-printed OLED panel. and flexible. So, in theory, using this method, users will no longer have to rely on troubleshooting services or factories to repair/replace their displays.

The researchers came up with a special solution to reach this conclusion. The solution includes two proprietary methods that help in printing the six layers upon which the functional screen is based. The electrodes, the packaging, the insulation and the conductors were “created” by the so-called extrusion printing (The process by which a 3D printer selectively ejects special printing materials.) Meanwhile, the active layers were generated at room temperature by spray paint; Success is more important because previous attempts by other teams of researchers have always failed for various reasons.

The future of OLEDs looks good, but we still have to wait

Don’t imagine these guys just took OLED out of nowhere and started playing new eye candy titles. It is a prototype of 1.5 inches with 64 pixels, because for practical use, for example in the case of a 1080p screen, it will take more than two million pixels. Researchers are not in a hurry, they are also working on improving their image and brightness. And yes, it will take some time for the technology to be translated to home use.

why? Since university funds have allowed researchers to use a special 3D printer, which costs … almost as much as the Tesla Model S … and at these prices, we still have to wait for this printer to be made available to the public at affordable prices.

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In a way, it does not separate us far from achieving this goal, because the nature of technology makes progress very fast. This solution could offer many possibilities once 3D printing of OLED screens becomes a reliable and practical method. Basically, you’ll be more profitable, because you won’t be completely dependent on first-party components sold by companies or on expensive or questionable third-party solutions.

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