Whitsun Festival in Cyberspace – St. Blasien

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Saint Blasin College presents itself this year with videos and live broadcasts / church services only as attendance events.

. Another week until Pentecost. During this time there is usually hustle and bustle everywhere in college. The reason is the boarding school’s biggest social event, the Whitsun Festival. Also this year, the college community is preparing to welcome many visitors. But this time they will only arrive by default. For the few events on the site, the number of potential visitors is very limited.

Technicians walk back and forth through the College’s Pater-Alfred-Delp-Halle Theater, microphones are tested, and the color of the lights is adjusted correctly. There, in the weeks leading up to the big event, the directing team usually works on the Whitsun Theater with the cast and everyone who participates. And with the musical introduction, the Whitsun Festival traditionally begins on Friday evening.
The loud applause of the impressive performances of actors and musicians this year will not be heard – this time the hall is one click away …

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