Where is the plane now? iPhone betrayal? Users were shocked

Many users are surprised to know that they can learn travel tricks in iMessage on iPhone.

Usually if you want to send a friend or relative abroad, book a flight ticket for that and then we go with them to the airport and back.

Then where is the plane they are going to? Many of us have never thought about which way to go. But we can find out with a simple trick on the iPhone. It is also very simple.

This allows you to see if your friend or family member is on a flight and what the current flight status is.

This was revealed by a TikTok user named MaxMilespoints.

In it, he mentions the plane trip on iMessage on his iPhone. For example, if the plane is BA392, when pressed and clicked, where is the plane now flying? Which way are things going? How long will it take to reach the destination? What is the time interval? Many such things are mentioned as shown therein.

Many iPhone users who saw this were shocked that it went unnoticed.

Also, when the famous English media The Sun examined the flight of many airlines, including other airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, SAS, Lufthansa, Air France and KLM, It became clear that things like this were coming.

However, it does not work on Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wise Air.

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