When is the S7 100 released on Netflix Italy? Here’s what we know

100 is one of the most watched series on the Netflix streaming service. Currently in the last podium there are only 6 seasons, but when can the seventh arrive given that he has already arrived in Italy on October 26, 202?

On December 1, 2020, 6100 also arrived on Netflix, but everything remains silent regarding the seventh season, which has arrived in Italy. From October 26, 2020 to February 8, 2021 on premium. Over the years, the agreement between the streaming giant and American network The CW has allowed fans of the series to access all seasons as well on Netflix More or less a year after the debut in the United States.

The last of the episodes to arrive is Season 6 which, after debuting on The CW on April 30, 2019, starting December 1, 2020, joins the rest of the seasons already available on the streaming device. That’s why we can’t assume anything other than that 100 7 can also follow the same process before landing on Netflix and that means We will see it in 2021. So, at the moment, nothing official has been reported, it was even thought that it might arrive around last May. All that remains is to wait for an official announcement from Netflix.

I remember that the plot tells us The fate of Clark and Octaviastab Hopes, Daughter of Diosa and all the other survivors. However, hope came thanks to activating the Anomaly Stone, following the directions of the tattoo on Blake’s back. The girl disappears into the air in Bellamy’s arms. Before stabbing her, Hope reveals that he “still” has his mother. What happened during Octavia’s journey into anomalies? The 100 Season 7 is One of the richest in twistsSo if you haven’t watched it yet, you’d better do it as soon as it hits Netflix.

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According to what he revealed Jason Rothenberg, the show’s parent show, the prequel to The 100 Anaconda, like the eighth episode of season seven that took us back to the nuclear apocalypse that devastated the Earth, will not be called. Meanwhile, fans are demanding a new season of The 100.

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