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Was I Wrong If you thought it was just love, you might be confused. It is full of emoticons and there are more than 500 emoticons that have not only form but also meaning and very few know this nor less details. Here we explain it to you. Take note.

in a We can find hearts in different colors such as yellow, blue, green, white, brown and black, but we also have the red heart, which is the most traditional. While this means love, according to the web He states that it can also be used in other circumstances.

Look: WhatsApp: What does the heart mean with the red dot under it

What does the red heart mean on WhatsApp?

  • The red heart is associated with the deep love of one person for another.
  • It also means that the heart is beating very strongly because it has animations.
  • The red heart also indicates one of the important parts of the body on which it operates.
  • In some religions, such as Catholicism, it is represented as the Heart of Jesus.
The red heart is often associated with the love that a person feels on WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)
  • This emoji is shown on Snapchat along with a friend when they are number one for two consecutive weeks.
  • Others associate it with the affection they feel for their friends or family

Other methods are known

  • heart
  • heart love
  • Red heart

How to know who your friend talks the most on WhatsApp

  • First, you must have the latest version of WhatsApp on your cell phone.
  • You can download it from the official stores of the
  • You can also download WhatsApp APK from this .
  • Now open WhatsApp on your Android mobile device or iPhone.
  • At that time, go to WhatsApp Settings or Settings.

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