What to watch on Netflix this weekend (April 16-18)

The weekend is around the corner and like every week we are faced with a big dilemma: what to watch while broadcasting. It is not always easy to choose which series or movie to watch, especially when our catalog of our favorite platform provides us with an infinite number of titles to choose. So here then, for all the eternal hesitants, we’re bringing you three major Netflix titles for your third weekend in April. To please everyone, this time we picked a movie, series, and reality show for three evenings in the name of emotion, sharing and lightness. You choose!

Love and Monsters (film) – wikiwand

Let’s start with the movie. Love and Monster is Netflix’s new release that combines the post-apocalyptic action-tale genre with romantic comedy. This movie, in fact, was nominated for the Oscars 2021 in the category of Best Special Effects, and tells the story of the search for love in a world devastated by killer monsters and directs Michael Matthews, Dylan O’Brien, Michael Rocker, Ariana Greenblatt and. Jessica Henwick in the cast. The plot begins seven years after the so-called Monsterpocalypse, when Joel Dawson, like all other humans, has lived underground since giant monsters dominated life on Earth. However, love creeps into the center of the narrative when the protagonist discovers that his high school girlfriend is still alive in a colony 130 kilometers from him, and to see her again he decides to have the courage to return to Earth and face the monsters. Seeing light, romantic, and attractive will keep you in a relationship for 1 hour 49 minutes and transport you to a post-apocalyptic world where, once again, love will be the engine of it all.

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Quick Criticism (TV series)

A new Netflix series for April, which debuted on the platform on the 7th of this month with 6 episodes of the crime / thriller genre, Snabba Cash tells a story that brings the world of business and crime together in a dangerous and wonderful intertwining. Set in Sweden, the series is based on the Stockholm trilogy by criminal attorney and thriller writer Jens Jacob Lapidus, and focuses on the life of Leah, a single mother from Stockholm trying to enter the world of startups forced to clash with a competitive and blind environment. Through the desire for power and money. The woman has managed to enter this world but will fall into the temptation to resort to the permanent system of making money quickly and lose her values ​​in the mysterious vortex of the pilot aircraft group. An interesting look at today’s economic business reality that will make you think but also keep you in check.

Episode 2 (Reality Show)

After the success of the first season of the reality show that launched on Netflix on January 15, 2020, the second chapter of The Circle has also arrived. This coordination starts from the premise of having a group of people interact with each other only through their virtual identity and to make everything more interesting is for everyone to choose how to show themselves to others if they are loyal to their identity or pretend to be someone else. A seemingly ordinary but very interesting social experience and deeper than it seems will make us think about the power of appearance in the contemporary world between laughter and turns. And the winner? He took $ 100,000 home. The first four episodes of the new reality season are available on the platform, and the rest will be released in the coming weeks until the end of May. This is the right choice for all those who want to always be around and spend an evening in the name of lightness.

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