What is The Silent Sea, a South Korean Netflix series set on a deserted lunar base

Donna By Da feeling 8 e gong yo da squid game I’m part of a team of astronauts heading to an abandoned moon base where mysteries abound.

It will be a walk on the moon.

After the huge success of the Squid Game, Netflix continued its fruitful relationship with South Korean productions, but decided to move to a different genre, the science fiction of silent sea (고요 의 바다 Goyo-eui bada) And he does it literally annoyingly.

the earth

In the distant future, the land turns into a desert, as evidenced by the aerial shots of bridges that once spanned rivers that do not exist now. At the heart of it all is water, which has become so less and less available that a system of distribution has been set up which, however, is clearly dependent on social class: the rich have a special power that allows them to be able to have unlimited access to water, and those without They have a tank at their disposal if not half a day. Not only that, infant mortality is at very high levels due to unspecified water pollution.

Balhae Station

Here comes the South Korean government, which is recruiting a group of astronauts and scientists for a very specific mission: to reach the lunar base at Balhae to retrieve unspecified samples, the last chance to save Earth. And here the puzzles begin: there is a shrine built for the victims of the one hundred and seventeen lunar base, which, the team was told, was temporarily closed and would be closed permanently in a short time, giving them only twenty-four hours to complete the task. But what are these samples, why should they be kept at low temperatures and it is necessary to ensure that the cylinder in which they are contained is not damaged? And above all, what happened at Balhae Station? Space Command leaders do not respond and the crew leaves with incomplete information in a suspicious manner. However, the problems, as you will discover, begin before you enter the base and the mission becomes survival. Then the base itself becomes personal: silent, sterile, full of secrets and dangers, it is a long descent into the bowels of the moon and perhaps into hell.

Filmed in a cinematic style he wants to remember gravity (2013) H alien (1979), immersed in an aura of mystery do not mind Lost, the series featuring Doona Bae (feeling 8As astrobiologist Song Ji-an who has his reasons for arriving at the station, Gong Yoosquid game) as mission leader Han Yoon-jae and Lee Joon (part of kpop band MBLAQ), or engineer Ryoo Tae-sook, who wants to escape the strict bureaucracy to lead the mission, but a special mention goes to the cynical doctor of the team played by Kim Sun Young .

The eight episodes of the first season of silent sea They all appeared together on Netflix on December 24, and we leave you with the trailer dubbed in Italian and originally with English subtitles.

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