We Tried Our First HARMONYOS 2.0: How the New OS Works, What’s New, What’s Better and What to Expect Soon

Huawei Watch 3 Pro is our country’s first real HarmonyOS, in version 2.0, which significantly moves Huawei’s smart platform forward. But, what exactly is new for previous versions, read in the text.

Huawei has started selling the new Watch series in Serbia and the region, consisting of Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 3 Pro models.

It’s in our testing right now Huawei Watch 3 Pro SatWhat we recently brought to you from the perspective of fitness, independence and health characteristics.

This time we will deal with the new operating system and other details that the watch measures.

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro is the first watch, as well as the model without the Pro sticker, as well as the first Huawei device overall to come with the HarmonyOS operating system. We met him before Huawei Band 6However, the fitness band was still part of Huawei’s previous software platform, which is not HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS It is a new operating system from Huawei designed to integrate all devices under one operating system and facilitate communication with each other by adapting the software to the device on which it is used.

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Watch 3 Pro comes with HarmonyOS v2.0.0.170 Our watch’s latest system update was a hefty 220MB, which is much more compared to previous updates to older models of 2MB and a fewMB in size.

HarmonyOS Huawei Watch 3 Pro smartwatch software is different from all previous Huawei watches and has completely new options, which makes it a real smart gadget, among which are:

  • Wi-Fi support directly from the watch
  • Install and use apps that work without a smartphone
  • Wearable hand gesture control
  • New option for fall detection and SOS call
  • Integration with Huawei Music Online
  • Skin temperature measurement function
  • Qi and . standard wireless charging type
  • Optimized sensors for sports, health and other functions.

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