ELF pick against Team USA in October

ELF pick against Team USA in October

MUNICH – The UEFA Europa League match will be the highlight of the 2021 season on September 26 at the MERKUR SPIEL-Arena in Düsseldorf. The grand final comes a week later in the capital: on October 3rd, the All-Star team of the Continental League will meet the US national team at the Friedrich Ludwig Jansportpark in Berlin.

“An attractive program for the whole family”

“We are very happy that the best players in the European Football League will be competing against the USAFL team on German Unity Day. We will have boys of all perks, fans can look forward to a great sport, but also look forward to an attractive program for the whole family,” As Zeljko Karajica, the league’s director, says.

“The match between the all-stars of the UEFA Europa League and the US national team marked a worthy end to our first season. The first few weeks of our league demonstrated the high level of football in Europe. With the selection of the USA the NFL comes as a tough part at Jahn-Sportpark. The seriousness of their approach to the game by the fact that the team will travel to Berlin a week earlier and prepare, explains Patrick Isom, commissioner of the European Football League.

“Football fans in Germany can be sure that we present an equal team that will represent the United States with pride. We are very interested in how American football develops in Europe. The European Football League has become a single league, a great product in terms of sport and beyond. We We are really looking forward to the time and the match in Berlin,” said coach Rudi Weiland, looking forward to the trip to the German capital.

Record World Champion USA

The United States is the world record champion – the team participated three times and won gold medals three times: 2007 in Japan, 2011 in Austria and 2015 at the World Cup on home soil. The next tournament will be held in Australia in 2023. The USA won the bronze medal at the 2017 World Games in Poland, while France won the final over Germany.

On October 3rd, the US national team will face the UEFA Europa League All-Star Challenge, from the eight franchises Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, Frankfurt Galaxy, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Serge and Leipzig Kings of Germany. Plus Panthers Wroclaw from Poland and Barcelona Dragons from Spain.

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