WATCH: Willy Wonka’s Spanish video that impressed fans

Instagram / Willie Wonka

Willie Wonka was photographed on Instagram in June 2020.

Willie Wonka aka Duke Charlesworth is a TikTok star masquerading as Johnny Depp from the 2005 Tim Burton remake. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Wonka boasts 14.3 million followers and has over 311 million views on His TikTok profile. He writes in the biography section, “I am not affiliated with, associated, licensed, or endorsed by Willy Wonka.”

In the video, Wonka is asked if he can speak Spanish

Willy Wonka in the “offensive” Spanish tiktokI am downloading this bc and i didn’t see anyone download it, finally i stumbled upon the video. This is not my video. I don’t own this. Willy Wonka apologized to the Spanish community, but it was a serious mistake.2020-10-02T14: 03: 22Z

On October 2, many Twitter users alleged That Wonka has been canceled due to a video posted on September 30th. The title of the video was, “I can’t speak Spanish yet, but I want to learn!” The video appears on Google Search but is tagged as private on Wonka’s TikTok page.

Wonka was responding to a fan’s question, “Can Mr. Wonka speak Spanish?” Wonka replies by saying, “Yoo Sui Willy Wonka, Si?” Then the social media star raises a bowl of salsa sauce and dips a chip before eating it. He smiles and gives a thumbs up to the camera. the song “A little crazyFrom the Disney movie Coco Plays in the background.

Wonka apologized several times for the video

Wonka apologized for the video in a post on His story on Instagram, saying:

Hey guys, I just want to come here and apologize for the TikTok video that I made a few days ago and it was “Willy Wonka Speaks Spanish”. The video was completely unjustified and I am very sorry for anyone who offended it or anyone you shot inside the video. This was not the intention of the video and I’m really very sorry.

In a separate comment On TwitterWonka said:

I’m so sorry about the “Spanish speaking video” on Tiktok. If we look back at the video now, I totally understand why the video was wrong. For anyone who hurt the video I apologize, and I promise to be better.

Wonka is a 20-year-old wedding photographer based in Utah

How Willy Wonka Tiktok Start And Meet My Sister – The Mode PodcastThe Mode Podcast Episode 64. Meet My Sister Kaestle! Talking about all things Willy Wonka Tiktok. Apple Podcasts Link: Everything duke deep: Meet Willie: Instagram at Kaestle: Duke Depp Social Links Instagram: Tik Tok: commodity: snap chat: donation! (Venmo): Meet Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka Tiktok Social Links ALL…2020-07-07T19: 00: 25Z

In July 2020, Wonka YouTube video download In which he discusses his newly discovered fame with his sister. During the video, Wonka said he is 20, lives in Utah and works as a wedding photographer.

according to Nylon magazine feature, Wonka has a “Generation Z audience”, many of whom are “hit hard” for his personality. When asked about his followers who crushed him in An interview with Mail MagazineWonka said:

I definitely didn’t expect that at all! When I first started creating thirst catcher videos – and still do today – it was a joke. It was like, “Oh, that’s funny. What does Willy Wonka do? These people are a fan of Willy Wonka. It was a joke, but I quickly learn that it’s not always a joke with these people online.

After Wonka revealed his admiration for celebrity was YouTube Emma Chamberlain in a TikTok video, Chamberlain denied it in Interview That the couple were dating.

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