Watch: TikTok video believed to star Sasha Obama Goes Viral


A video believed to be of Sasha Obama singing and dancing on TikTok has spread to Twitter.

Twitter users flocked to a series of TikTok videos that featured star Sasha Obama dancing and singing to City Girls’ music on October 25. Obama, the youngest daughter of former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, was praised not only for her knowledge of all the lyrics. Moneybagg Yo ”Said SomBut for her killer dance moves.

Obama, 19, who is a student at the University of Michigan, appears to be having a great time on TikTok videos that have quickly gone viral. The videos were originally posted on TikTok by the account cakethatsmg.

While the videos are quickly deleted from the TikTok app. Keep spreading on Twitter.

Twitter is full of support comments. One person chirpWatching Sasha Obama say City Girls’ words brings a lot of joy to my heart.

Online users loved seeing Obama have a good time with his friends and lead a normal teen life. One woman chirpI went from being a fan of Barack Obama when I was younger to liking Sasha Obama now.

Obama’s older sister, Malia Obama, 22, is in her fourth year at Harvard University.

Pictures of the date of Obama’s wedding in 2019 are littered

Anidra Million on TwitterSasha Obama and her 2019 wedding date.

Even though Obama’s youngest daughter does not have a social media account of her own, she almost broke the internet when prom photos went viral in 2019. With the 17-year-old wearing a matching black dress with spaghetti straps, the hair was relaxed straight down. Straight, rocking the big silver hoops – Sasha was clearly no longer the child of the family, she had grown up to be a beautiful, mature young woman.

Obama’s new look has sparked many online comparisons with older sister, Malia Obama, who was also on hand for pre-prom photo shoots, as well as her mother, Michelle Obama. However, the question on everyone’s mind: Who was the lucky man who took the President’s 44th daughter to the 2019 Sidwell Friends concert?

The young man who accompanied Obama to prom was Chris Milton, who looked super elegant in a black and white tuxedo, and raised the stakes by wearing a black tie.

While Sidwell Friends is a very selective private school located in Bethesda, Maryland, its prom history appears to hail from Middleton, Ohio. Travis, Milton’s older brother, proudly posted pictures of his younger brother’s concert on his Facebook page, with the caption “CONGRATS to Chris and Sasha Obama 2019 Sidwell Prom. Hang out with the first family … at no cost !!”

Sasha and Malia Obama appeared in the Netflix documentary “Become.”

GTMalia and Sasha Obama attend the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Ellipse South of the White House on December 3, 2015.

While to be The Netflix documentary mainly focuses on the former first lady, and also features Malia and Sasha Obama, who express their admiration for their mother’s success after leaving the White House.

In the movie, Malia tells her mother, “He showed this, somehow, just like, damn it, those eight years weren’t for nothing, you know? Do you see that massive crowd there?” And this last speech I gave… People are here because … People truly believe in love and hope in others. “

Sasha adds, “I am excited for her to be proud of what she has done because I think this is the most important thing a person should do, which is to be proud of himself.”

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