Jennifer Lawrence said she ran into Anderson Cooper after he accused her of dropping the fake Oscars

Actress Jennifer Lawrence revealed last week about when she let CNN’s Anderson Cooper get it over accusations that she faked her fall as she climbed the stairs to accept her 2013 Academy Award.

Lawrence said she was nervous the night she was best actress for the role in Silver Linings Playbook but ready if she wins.

“I had it all in my head,” Heather McMahan said on the “Definitely Not” podcast that aired on Wednesday. “I was very, very tense but I was ready. All the adrenaline is gone and they call my name cheerful and I am shocked. Then I fell, wiped everything out of my mind. My whole mind went blank. I can look back now fondly, but for a very long time the fall was very sensitive “.

Three days later, she said she heard Anderson Cooper on his show say, “Well, she clearly faked the fall.”

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Jennifer Lawrence said she ran into CNN’s Anderson Cooper after he said on his show that she was “clearly” faking her downfall on the Oscars stage.
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She said his words were “devastating because it was such a horrific humiliation to me.”

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She added, “I’ll tell you what, I saw him at the birthday party and told him that. My friend told me that a vein was swollen from my eyes. … what she drove was, ‘Have you ever tried to walk upstairs in a ball gown? So how do you know that?”

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Lawrence said he immediately made a “cool” apology, and she thinks they are good friends now.

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she Laughter He probably told everyone it was “psychic”. “On her deathbed, the last thing I’ll say is Anderson Cooper,” she joked.

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