Watch the delightful Smoky Robinson misinterpret Chanukkah as Cha-Noo-Ka.

Motown legend, Smoky Robinson accidentally recorded a funny personal video message of a woman whose son made a request for Cameo as a surprise to his mom who apparently grew up close to the singer. Since Chanukkah’s “guttural Ch” isn’t a typical English phoneme, and Smokey was apparently reading from a cue card, his mistake is really not a big deal and the way he handled that is great.

Robinson tweeted with the original video: “In the spirit of 2020, I’m going to need a delay!” “Please send a direct message to your mother’s phone number so we can try again.”

Gil Kaufman writes on painting:

In another twist, Jeff responded to Smokey’s offer in the most generous way. Jeff wrote before the Smokey Show: “By the way, @ smokeyrobinson can pronounce it in whatever way he pleases so well.” “He is a true legend whose music has been with me since he was born. His kindness and generous spirit made this Most Strange event of 2020 one of my family’s most popular songs. Also, my mom says hello.”

Incidentally, Jeff said he’s happy to set up a second effort, but to be fair, “Smokey but you owe her and you owe us nothing. We love you!” Now this is really a miracle of Chanookah.

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