Vodafone gives its customers 3 months of Netflix or 39 euros in credit: how to activate it

Vodafone gives its customers 3 months of Netflix or 39 euros in credit: how to activate it

Really greedy new promotional initiative Vodafone launched it for some of its customers, whose hero was the subscription plans A Netflix.

Offer consists of extension From the show launched on Valentine’s Day. The initiative provides for the possibility of collecting 3 months of Netflix membership as a gift. Moreover, it is also valid for those who You already have a subscription Netflix, you will receive this €38.97 of the balance as a giftequivalent to 3 monthly rates for the Standard plan.

Unlike the previous Valentine’s Day show, this show will not be affiliated When activating the tariff from the domain endless. Promotion is actually can reach Also for those who have an active special offer from Vodafone, as in our case. To understand whether you are suitable, it will be enough for you Access to the MyVodafone app And check the homepage section if you find the banner related to the promotion.

If you qualify, it will be enough to access the offer e I accept the terms. Later it will be possible to rid The gift, choose between 3 months for new Netflix customers or a credit as a gift for those who already have a subscription. In the latter case, the credit will reach €38.97 and will come automatically linked to the indicated account.

Nosy That by going into your Netflix account settings after redeeming the gift, the subscription appears to be Pay for 3 monthsRegardless of the cost of the subscription itself. Second screenshot in the exhibition This aspect clarifies, since in our case we have activated the premium profile that provides a rate of 17.99 € per month.

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It will be a Vodafone show Available until February 24, that’s until tomorrow. Please let us know if you have also received it.

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