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He decided to make a change to the classic deck: he replaced the king, queen, and jacks for gold, silver, and bronze. Her goal? Solve the supposed inequality problem that occurs in cards that have been used for centuries.

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Indy MelinkFrom the Netherlands, she holds a degree in Forensic Psychology and is a fan of literature. He claims his idea was born when he explained the rules of the game to his cousins. In that moment, I realize the “subtle inequality” that comes with having a king more valuable than a queen, which clearly affects people in their daily lives. Because it’s just another way of saying “Hey, you’re less important.”He said in a conversation with .

After discussing the matter with his father, he encouraged him to design his own collection, but by using gold, silver, and bronze cards instead of the king, queen, and jack cards, respectively. After quickly selling the first 50 sets to friends and family, the young woman innovated more and started offering them online, shipping around 1,500 cards to countries like Belgium, Germany, France and the US in one month.

Berit van Dobbenburgh, director of the Dutch Bridge Association, warns that it will be difficult to introduce change, as new messages will require formal rule changes. However, he claims to be in favor of gender neutrality and considers it “cool” that “someone of this age has noticed that.”

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