Veronica Linares bids ‘In Portada’ on Channel N, which she has hosted for 9 years | Varandola NNDC video | TVMAS

He surprised his followers by saying goodbye to the TV show “N Portada”. Who drove nine years.

Before finishing the space, Linaris took a few minutes to say a few words. “I want to take advantage of these last seconds to say goodbye because today is my last show here on ‘N Portada’. In fact, my last show is here on channel N”, commented.

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She thanked the journalist for giving her the opportunity to lead. “I completed a course, I just got here. I am so sorry for these nine years and I want to thank Ronald Villard, who gave me the opportunity to join N channel, Clara Elvira Ospina, who also trusted me”, added.

In addition, she said that she is very proud of her work and expressed her admiration for those who work at Canal N.

“Thank you for all these years, and for letting me be here.”, was sentenced. Likewise he said goodbye to his partner Mario Gibellini, whom he thanked for his teachings.

It should be noted that Linaris continues his work in America TV, Where he works every morning at “America Noticias: First Edition” Beside Federico Salazar.

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