Venus Williams at the Australian Open: Get out with your head high – sport

Probably the game’s best point came right at the start of the second move: return, long, powerful, elegant, striking at breakneck speed. Destroyed like a laser beam, the ball snapped the Earth, near the opponent, but light years after reaching it. Striking like a memorial, a tennis artwork Venus Williams still produced at all times. Even if she could no longer walk, if she was entangled and limp with each step.

Venus Williams, 40, has won seven Grand Slam titles, five at Wimbledon alone, and has played an insane number of matches. We will remember the second round match of the Australian Open against Italian Sarah Irani; Not because of the score (1: 6, 0: 6), not even because of Venus Williams’ superb forehands, but because of their discipline, their work ethic and their determination not to let anyone or anything destroy it under any circumstances.

It happened in the first set, with a score of 1: 5, when Williams ran into the net, bent over and cried out in pain. You can barely set foot. Physical therapists were called to the field, medical breaks were taken, the right ankle was bandaged, and the previously affected left knee was wrapped. Then Venus Williams picked up the bat and kept playing as best she could – safely, throughout a full set, until she knocked off two match points. And everyone who has seen can see her serving power and flash of elegance beat her 33-year-old opponent’s match, after all.

Your age? “Tennis is my business”

No official information was available for the diagnosis by evening, so I echoed what the two older Williams sisters said on Monday when she won the season opener against Belgium’s Kirsten Flekens (7: 5, 6: 2): “Whatever happens, you have to raise your head.” And you should always give one hundred million percent. ” She tries to do this every day, so she is proud of it.

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She is hesitant to ask her age, and the replica usually drops sharply and swiftly like a sword: Tennis is her job. End of the debate. The first place in the world is now 81st on the list. She completed the preparatory program for the Australian Open, which she was honored for the twenty-first time, with her sister Serena, one year younger than her. Perhaps there is no better sparring partner. Serena Williams is aspiring to win her 24th Grand Slam title in Melbourne, after 6: 3, 6: 0 over Serbian Nina Stojanovic, she is on the right track in chasing her own records, and can also take advantage of two other previous Grand Slams – winners Petra Kvitova, 30, and Bianca Andreescu, 20, fell by the wayside on Wednesday.

Other than that, the two sisters are still very close technically, entrepreneurial, and athletic. Architecture Magazine ad She recently published a report on Serena Williams’ Florida home, which she designed and furnished with Venus and their design company at Star. In this house, so it can be read, there is a karaoke room with aquamarine velvet furniture, in which both of them sometimes sing. Songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “I Will Survive” (in German: “I will live”). You clearly know the ability of Venus Williams to suffer. You don’t have to sing about what you experience.

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