Valmet launches recruitment campaign in Finland

Valmet Automotive 1000 creates a new business opportunity in Finland in the field of manufacturing automotive systems and batteries. A few weeks ago, the battery manufacturer and contracts announced that it would also create new jobs and capabilities at its Munich and Bad Friedrichshall sites in Germany.

First of all, the large-scale recruitment campaign in Finland: There, employees for production and management are sought at Uusikaupunki and Salo locations. According to the company, 700 employees are required for Uusikaupunki and 300 for Salo. In battery production, positions should be filled in battery production, logistics and quality management. Additionally, dozens of staff will be assigned to product development, battery testing, and business support tasks.

Valmet Automotive describes itself as a contract manufacturer and system supplier for developing and producing battery systems. Firstly in October The Finns announced that they will withdraw from traditional engineering services in order to focus more on electronic mobility. In this context, the company is expanding its business activities in the field of electronic mobility in many places. In 2019, she founded both Fuel Cell Efficiency Center As well as prof Battery test center In Bad Friedrichshall. In November 2020 Valmet also welcomed Weihenbronn in Baden-Württemberg Battery test center is running.

In addition to Bad Friedrichshall and Weihenbronn, Valmet Automotive conducts battery tests at Uusikaupunki. The site in southern Finland is known so far mainly for its auto plant, with Valmet, as a contract manufacturer, building vehicles for other companies – including A-Class and GLC for Mercedes-Benz. Based on the automobile manufacturer, the company has also been building battery systems there “for years,” but so far only in small series with a focus on industrial applications. That must change soon: At the start of January 2021, Valmet began building a battery plant on site. Mass production of high voltage systems is slated to begin there in the second half of 2021. According to the manufacturer, it has already won two outstanding European manufacturers as customers of the plant.

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Another battery group is located in Salou, Finland. There is a series production in Herbst 2019 Started. Just a few weeks ago Valmet announced that it will increase production capacity there as well.

While battery systems are mainly produced in Finnish factories, the international engineering team also has a strong base in Germany – as evidenced by the maintenance of the aforementioned test and proficiency centers at German sites. A month ago, Valmet Automotive announced new engineer and technician jobs and various support jobs in Munich and Frederikshal Willing to create.

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