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After celebrating International Women’s Day, the companies behind the campaign want the character to also be part of the anniversary that coincides with the celebration of Wonder Woman’s 80th birthday.

DC, Warner Bros, Global Brands & Experiences and WarnerMedia launched the campaign Believe in miracles, With which they started celebrating the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman, one of the most iconic superheroes in comedy, television and film.

After celebrating International Women’s Day, the companies behind the campaign want the spirit of “Wonderland” to also be part of such an important event, which coincides with the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman, a DC Comics motto. It is considered a pop icon.

The 80th anniversary celebration invites fans and the public to see the world through Wonder Woman’s eyes through its campaign Believe in miracles, Which aims to radiate an eternal message of hope and empower women around the world.

For this reason, a series of world events has been planned with original digital content, commemorative cartoons, books, collections and fashion experiments with Wonder Woman as the central theme. A celebration that continues until Prince Diana’s Day, October 21.

Tribute to a true Wonder Woman

Among the content will be the popular Wonder Woman TV titles, many of which are fan favorites, featured in the new remastered video that captures the nostalgic Wonder Woman and features Gal Gadot with Lynda Carter’s trademark signature. In the original series.

Additionally, DC and WarnerMedia are preparing a video based on Wonder Woman, which will show the influence of women around the world as well as powerful women populating the company’s content and products.

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This year, WarnerMedia will also be released 80 Wonder Woman, A video showing women, journalists, TV talent, cultural figures, experts, influencers and celebrities, such as Wonder Woman herself, taking giant steps to represent women in their respective fields, to become true superheroes.

Iconic Superhero Comics

Since March 8, DC has been reviving the creation and legacy of the superhero, releasing Audience No.8 from All Star Comics, Which was Wonder Woman’s debut; As well as No. 1 from Wonderful woman, Originally Published 1942. They Will Be Free to Read and Access the DC Universe Infinite Streaming Service.

Additionally, the album was announced. Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary Its Stunning 100 Pages, Which will bring together some of the best storytellers in comics and entertainment, which pays tribute to the Amazon region in a unique collectible publication. It will be published in October, coinciding with Wonder Woman’s Day.

Additionally, DC promises other content and experiences praising the power of Women and Wonder Woman, such as a series of original comics and graphic novels for all fans. Highlights Nubia: Real One, Who is starring at Wonder Woman in reinventing the story of Nubia, her twin sister. The comic is already for sale.

They will arrive soon Wonderful women from historyWhere the capital honors inspiring personalities throughout history, he will arrive on September 28. Sexy Wonder Woman Vol. 1, To be published on October 5 and Wonder Woman Earth One Volume 3, available on participating comic book stores, libraries, and digital platforms.

On the other hand, Warner Bros Games will celebrate Wonder Woman’s anniversary throughout the year with special promotions and activations on current popular game titles such as DC Universe OnlineAnd the Injustice 2, s Myths of DC. Additionally, Nintendo will join in celebrating the June 4, 2021 release of the DC Super Hero Girls: The Power of a Teen Paragraph Nintendo Switch.

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