USA wins silver in team relay

After winning the silver medal in the team’s first relay of the World Cup season on Sunday, a lucky American team will board a charter flight from Beijing on Monday.

The event, which featured USA singles Ashley Farquharson and Tucker West and the doubles team of Chris Mazdzer and Jason Terdiman, ended a nearly three-week stay at the 2022 Olympic site and marked the end of the pre-Olympic test races. .

“I had a great period today. It was my second time in my life and it was really fun. Farquharson said in a statement. “That third round was the best of the day for me, so it was really cool.”

After touching the touchpad at the end of the extension, Farquharson surrendered the race to West. The Slider in Ridgefield, Connecticut had the fastest turnaround time on the tour and was shown at the Yanqing National Slider Center in China.

“It was two weeks of learning (the course)”, West said in a statement. “We came here thinking about something different about the track. We thought it was going to be a bit of a slide, but there wasn’t much to learn at first, but in the team relay we worked together to understand the lines on the track, and in the end, our three sleds made three great sleds that worked. And it was worth it for us.

Farquharson of Park City, Utah started the day with an eighth place finish in the Eberspacher World Cup singles race and a portion of Olympic qualification to Level B. The top eight will complete the level. The result also matches his best singles World Cup score (2 rounds) in his young career.

relay team

The immediate character of this system has never been more evident than on Sunday. Four of the 14 teams are not finished yet, including weekly contender Russia. Germany is not included in this volatility rate, but basically it is.

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The top country, historically in the team relay, was looking for another win as doubles winners Tony Eggert and Sasha Behnken gave up a comfortable lead and fell late in the race on Saturday. They barely had enough momentum to hit the touchpad and finish sprinting.

In a flash, the Germans went from start to finish, cementing the victory of Austria, followed by the United States and Italy.

The three medalists had finished their effort and were waiting helplessly in the driver’s box for the three German bobsters and the inevitable gold medal, given their cumulative progress. But what followed was shock and awe – shock at the demise of extraordinary Germans and their admiration for their race.

The winners clocked 3 minutes 6.953 seconds to put the Americans ahead by 0.375 seconds. The Italian Quartet were 0.003 seconds behind the United States

Doubles Thomas Steu and Lorenz Koehler won the team relay for Austria, which dealt with the problems of their singles teammates Madeleine Eagle and 2018 Olympic champion David Gleicher.

The American effort was sorely needed for Mazdzer and Terdiman, who in this instance were frustrated by Mazdzer’s broken foot, limiting their pre-sled ability by sliding together on an entirely new sled. Mazdzer, a silver medalist at the 2018 Olympics, failed to qualify for the World Championships in singles, and with him Terdiman, a two-time Olympian, failed to qualify for the Nations Cup in doubles.

Additionally, Mazdzer, a native of Salt Lake City and Saranac Lake, became the only athlete in two events during International Training Weeks per session to choose between a singles and doubles workout. He had to choose between the two disciplines instead of getting a session of each. The three-time Olympian and his bobsleigh teammate both took advantage of an opportunity they hadn’t expected.

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Jason and I stuck to each other. Mazdzer said in a statement. “We weren’t expected to be here. Call the kids (Dana Kellogg and Duncan Segger) for extra training and we’ve given up on him.

Technically, Kellogg and Segger qualified to start the team’s cross-time relay on Saturday, but they gave that chance to their teammates, who would otherwise have left Beijing without a competitive race before the February Olympics.

“It was a great team effort today.” says Terdiman, of Berwick, Pennsylvania. “It was Ashley’s first all-around medal in a World Cup, so I’m really excited to be a part of it. Tucker with the quickest reaction ever and Chris and I and my older athletes, we’ve had such a good reaction for our era and gone off track. Always great To be part of the relay team and happy to come back from China with a silver medal.

single women

Not only did Eagle lead his winning team to the relay later in the day, but he also won his first World Cup singles race of his career to begin his new campaign. Her victory was Austria’s first Women’s World Cup victory in 24 years. The previous Austrian winner was Andrea Taguerker in 1997.

Eagle was replaced in third by teammate Lisa Schulte. The last player landed on the podium for the first time ever.

Germany’s Julia Tubbitz finished first, 0.1 seconds behind the winner in another extraordinary race in the history of the Women’s World Cup between Austrians. Tobitz’s teammate Anna Pereter finished fourth, while 2018 Olympic silver medalist Dagana Eitberger finished fifth.

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This 1,583-meter course has presented some issues with skaters in recent weeks. Sunday night’s race may have been an additional problem caused by temperatures in the 1920s, which resulted in stronger and faster ice.

Among those affected is four-time Olympic champion Natalie Geisenberger of Germany. Geisenberger was in the race in the first stage but lost control after turn 13 and passed through the finish light. The multiple winner took home the fourth best second round.

Two-time Summer Olympian Preacher of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, suffered the same fate. She was doing well in third in the first stage but veered in the last corners. Bretcher finished 14th, Lake Placid’s Emily Sweeney finished 16th, and Park City’s Britney Arndt, who hit the ceiling at Turn 12, chose not to compete in her second heat.

Three of the four Americans on this fall’s World Cup tour will represent the United States in Beijing. The full squad will be nominated after the seventh World Cup Finals in Sigulda, Latvia, scheduled for the weekend of January 8-9.

For two World Cup holidays on the 2014 Olympic track, the track now leads directly to Sochi by charter flight. These races replace Whistler and Lake Placid, which retired at the end of the summer.

The US unit in Sochi will not include the Sweeney, Cluj and Seger duo. Sweeney and Kellogg are members of the US Army National Guard’s World Class Athletes Program. Under a US Department of Defense mandate, no US soldier can visit Russia – these three competitors will instead go to Europe’s runways in the next two weeks.

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