Prince Harry was spotted with another girl at the Super Bowl

Prince Harry was spotted with another girl at the Super Bowl

Prince Harry doesn’t miss a scene like the Super Bowl; Now that he lives in the United States, he has had American Football Fever!

Harry comes to the match without Meghan

Even in his homeland he was very passionate about the sport and was a patron of the English rugby league and football, However, he recently had to hand this presidency over to his sister-in-law, the Duchess Kate.

So, Harry the sports fan is among the thousands of spectators watching the sporting event and cheering at the Los Angeles Rams’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Wearing a black casual shirt and suit, he casually sits in his seat, a black FFP2 mask over his nose.

revealing the secret

But his wife Megan is not sitting next to him as expected, but another lady. She was wearing a jacket, jeans and a blue hat. With the mask on, it’s hard to recognize, but it’s not weird either.

The woman next to Harry is his cousin, Princess Eugenie. Harry and Meghan are very close to Eugenie, and the three of them have a strong relationship. You can do it from other members of the royal family, Harry cut himself offdo not necessarily claim.

Double date?

It’s even nicer to see that Harry has not completely separated from his British family and that his cousin is coming to visit him in the States. And who knows, maybe Harry, Meghan, Eugenie and her husband Jack will all be seen soon!

Practical also for the two sports-loving royals: The Super Bowl took place in Inglewood, which takes less than an hour and a half by car. Harry’s residence in Montecito Removal.

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