USA: Dozens of Democrats flee Texas to block concession restrictions

Dozens of Democratic Representatives in the Texas House of Representatives, according to media reports, then Washington, D.C., to block Republicans from the election law. Accordingly, at least 50 representatives left the Capitol in Austin during a private session, and soon several private planes flew in the direction of Washington. Because of their absence, the two-thirds quota required for the vote could not be met.

Thus, the struggle for new electoral restrictions in the state enters its second round. As early as the end of May, Democrats left the House session, thus preventing regular voting, which is why Republican Governor Greg Abbott called the special session. As a punishment for the blockade, the governor wants to suspend payments to about 2,000 Capitol employees starting in September, unless the law is passed by then.

Controversial electoral reform revolves primarily around the abolition of programs put in place during the pandemic, such as round-the-clock polling stations and round-the-clock polling stations. Suffrage experts noted that these programs were mostly used by black voters. The GOP has been pushing reforms since former President Trump’s election fraud lied, and it’s already had success in several states — only in Texas Democrats are fighting back hard.

The struggle for the right to vote is fierce in the United States

Since House rules will allow defected lawmakers to return, their contacts have not provided any information about their whereabouts. Representatives are prepared to stay away for several weeks. The governor denounced their behavior and accused them of abandoning their constituents and their state. Meanwhile, it is questionable whether the Democrats’ strategy will work: Abbott could hold special sessions until the law is passed. Midterm elections will also take place in May 2022, with Democrats anticipating difficulties.

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Election access remains a major issue in the United States United States of America. Vice President announced last week Kamala Harris He indicated that the government will spend $25 million to ensure access to the midterm elections in May. single scheme Electoral reform One of the Democrats, who should make voting easier, failed a few weeks ago because of the Republicans in the Senate. The proposed law in Texas denounced President Biden as “discriminatory.”

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