USA: Amazon wants to “protect” drivers with video surveillance – data protection advocates attack

Amazon Logistics Center: An Internet mail ordering company is currently under fire in the US for a new camera technology for its drivers.

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A new problem for Amazon: The group wants to increase the safety of its drivers in the US with video cameras in the future. Privacy advocates don’t like it at all.

SEATTLE – In the future, Amazon delivery truck drivers for ordering Internet mail in the USA will be photographed in their work. An Amazon spokeswoman told AFP that the company “recently started installing security technology in our fleet that relies on cameras.” Thus confirmed the reports received from the American media.

An Amazon spokeswoman said Friday that the system should help delivery partners to ensure the safety of their “drivers on the road.” *. The technology is not used in the European Union or Germany, according to Amazon.

Amazon wants to photograph its drivers: warning messages in real time

The technology relies on artificial intelligence and provides real-time warnings to drivers while they are on the road. Studies have shown that accidents can be reduced by about a third in this way, they say in the videoTechnology introduction.

Amazon uses cameras from Netradyne, California. It is equipped with several lenses that visualize both the road and the driver, but it does not record any audio or “live” broadcasts. Amazon confirmed in the indoor video that no one can hear and hear during the deliveries. Warnings are triggered, for example, if the distance to the vehicle ahead is too short, the truck is traveling too fast, or the driver is distracted, for example because he is looking at his cell phone while on the move.

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Amazon’s new security concept: Data protection activists are calling for an immediate halt

The many organizations fighting for OSH in the digital age have faced a storm against this broad “surveillance”. Amazon should stop this practice “immediately,” and data protection activists demanded in the fight for the future. The organization is considered one of the company’s harshest critics. The US Congress should also initiate an extensive investigation into the group’s surveillance activities.

Amazon is the second largest employer in the United States. The company employs more than 800,000 people there. However, the group is regularly criticized for its working conditions. Even in Germany there is always It strikes a second time* Above all, she demands higher wages and a collective agreement. It was only Tuesday night that Amazon chief Jeff Bezos announced that he was relinquishing the main position and moving to the board of directors. (AFP / utz) * It is part of the national Ippen digital editorial network.

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