How to check the lottery results?

When playing the lottery, there are two levels of excitement. The first one is picking your lucky numbers. The second and perhaps that most exciting part is checking the lottery results. There can never be more exciting news than finding out that you’ve won the lottery cash prize.

So, for you to know that you have won, you must know the details of where to check the results. Before that, you also need to know when to check the results.

When should you check lottery results?

Well, the first question that you need to answer is regarding the time that you should be checking the lottery results. As you already know, most lottery games have different games played on different days of the week.

You don’t want a scenario where you are checking the results of a lottery game that you did not participate in. For example, if you played for a game that will have its draw on Saturday, you can only start checking the results after the draw. If you visit the website of the lottery game before the draw, you will find results for the previous draws.

Again, you don’t want to wait for too long after the results of the draw are released. You should be prompt to check the results.

Where can you check the results?

Well, there are multiple media from which you can check the results. It all depends on your level of access to these media.

Lottery websites

One of the best places to check the lottery results is on the official website of the lottery. You can never go wrong when you check the results here. For example, at you can check the Nigeria lotto results. All that you need to do is to log in to the website and search for the lottery game that you want to check the results of and it will display the results.

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Some lottery results are shown in the local and national newspapers. The results shared in the newspapers are the latest ones, probably from the week’s draw. Therefore, you have to buy a newspaper for you to see the results and determine if you have won or not.

Local TV

Have you ever watched a live draw of a national lottery? Well, that’s one of the ways that you can check the results of the lottery game you played. There is a live draw, which is shown only on the day of the draw and there are some paid ads that only pop to show the results of the previous lottery.


Some applications are developed to show the results of the different lottery games. So, how can you check the Baba Ijebu results for today? Using the application, you can simply type ‘lottery results for Baba Ijebu’ and you will get the results displayed on your screen

Which is the best option?

Of all the mentioned ways of checking lottery results, using the official website of the lottery is the best option. Here, there is a guarantee that the info you get is correct. Furthermore, it has the

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