USA: A plane inspects components over the small town of Broomfield

United States of America
Debris rain: The plane is losing its components over the small town of Broomfield

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It’s just a plane – a mother reassured her young daughter in Broomfield, Colorado on Saturday, but the frightened kid must have seen something that truly scared him: he detached from this Boeing machine on his way to the components of Honolulu and landed in the middle of populated areas. Police spokeswoman Rachel Welty said, “I was really shocked to find out how much unwanted waste is and how much is happening in Common Parks, a very crowded part of Broomfield – a dog park and sports fields and playgrounds. If it wasn’t as cold as it is now, there would be hundreds.” People are walking around here. It’s absolutely unbelievable that we have no reports of casualties. ” According to initial reports from the airline, the plane’s engine had failed, but it managed to turn and land quickly at the departure airport in Denver. The police have called the residents to leave scattered parts and there is no desire to investigate the incident closely.


Scrap bits landed in Broomfield, Colorado, during a United Airlines flight.

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