Martino will lead two friendlies for Mexico in the United States

The president of the Mexican Football Association, Yon de Luisa, said today, Monday, that Argentine coach Gerardo Martino, who will direct Mexico’s next two friendlies at American stadiums.

The Mexicans will face Panama next Wednesday and Nigeria in Nashville and Los Angeles, respectively.

Martino was working at the performance center in the Mexican capital with the first team and the Olympic team led by Jaime Lozano, because the leaders decided that one of the two friendlies would face him with the team that will go to Tokyo 2020.

“We knew from the start that the work of the first national team would be very complicated because we know that the Olympiad is actually an under-24 team with three reinforcements and that most players of this age, we knew that we actually had to prepare two main teams one of them,” De Luisa said at a press conference. To go to the Gold Cup and the other to the Olympics.”

Local media speculated that Lozano would manage one of the two friendlies, but De Luisa made it clear that this would not happen and “Tata” Martino would be off the bench in both undertakings, although he would manage the Olympic in one of them.

De Luisa explained that “Tata” will lead both teams, but will do so with the divisions, with a clear focus on the efforts of the two working groups. “It will be a mixture of players with well-defined rules.”

De Luisa added that they will continue to respect Martino’s autonomy in regards to player invitations to the first team, particularly in reference to the case of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who has been relegated since September 2019.

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Hernandez, who has scored 10 goals in the same number of games in the current season of Major League Soccer, was only included in the preliminary draw for the 60 players in the Gold Cup, but was later cut and did not enter the 45 invitation, which is one. Who was working in Mexico and who will play the two friendlies

“As for the invitations, this is a matter for coach Martino and he has all the support, it’s decisions by” Tata “but with our support and our support,” De Luisa said. Chicharito.

The Mexican national team’s all-time top scorer has not been mentioned since he participated in an unauthorized party in a New York hotel after a friendly match against the United States.

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