Unsteady weather stretch, followed by a blue Halloween moon, time to step back

The passage of the cold front resulted in dry weather and a significant drop in temperatures, making it feel like it was falling again.

Sunday October 25 will feel as though they are falling again. There will be a combination of clouds and sun with a slight chance of afternoon showers. The high temperature will only be around 50 degrees.

There is likely to be rain at night, especially after 10 pm, followed by showers later in the night.

There will be more intermittent rain at some times on Monday, October 26th, which will be cloudy with. Overheating in the upper fifties.

The precarious pattern will continue every day until Friday October 30, with cloudy skies, and the chance of rain and a high temperature in the mid-1950s every day.

Halloween Blue Moon Retreat

The week will end on October 31 with Halloween, which this year falls on Saturday, and for only the first time since World War II, the blue moon of Halloween will be visible to the whole world.

According to long-term forecasts, the series of rainy days will finally end on Saturday, with sunny skies and a peak in the low 1950s.

Then it will be time to “go back” and set the clocks back an hour as daylight saving time ends at 2 am on Saturday November 1 as Election Day approaches, Tuesday, November 3.

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