University of Hong Kong demolishes ‘pillar of shame’ for Danish creator Compensation claims: PPTVHD36

The Hong Kong University “column of shame” sculpture was demolished last night (December 22) after 24 years in office.

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The statue is one of the few remaining monuments in Hong Kong who died in the bloodshed in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The demolition comes as the Chinese government’s crackdown on political opponents intensifies.

The University of Hong Kong’s statement stated that based on a risk assessment, the university decided to demolish the statue. And external legal advice for the benefit of the university

The university is also deeply concerned about potential safety issues associated with old and unsanitary statues.

While several months ago the University of Hong Kong sent a letter to the curator of the statue. in order to order demolition, while Jens Galchot, a Danish sculptor. The creator of the work said he was deeply shocked by this disposition of personal property. He demands compensation for any damage caused to his work.

The dismantling of the University of Hong Kong "pillar of shame" Danish builder compensation claims

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