United States: The United States recalls its commitment in the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl

05/03/2002 Tribute to Daniel Pearl SION TOUHIG International Policy

Madrid, 3 (Europe Press)

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke Friday with family and representatives of journalist Daniel Pearl to “ensure” his commitment to holding those accused of his abduction and murder accountable.

“The United States remains committed to seeking justice and accountability for those involved in the kidnapping and murder of Daniel,” the US State Department shared in a statement.

Pearl, a regional reporter for The Wall Street Journal, was kidnapped in 2002 in Karachi, claiming that he was on his way to interview an Islamist leader. His case was one of many kidnappings of foreign journalists in Pakistan after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in 2001.

In the same year, four people were charged and imprisoned until February 2021, the Pakistani Supreme Court decided to release them as it decided that the death penalty imposed on one of the accused by a court of first instance 18 years ago is based on evidence. Downtime. Likewise, life sentences imposed against three accomplices have been suspended.

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