United States: Proud Boyz leader arrested in the United States before a demonstration organized by the far-right group in support of Trump

Madrid, 5 (Europe Press)

The leader of the far-right Brad Boys, Cuban-American Enrique Taro, was arrested in Washington, DC, two days before the fanatical group held a demonstration in the city in support of President Donald Trump.

According to information gathered by the “Washington Post” newspaper, Tario was charged with destroying property in connection with the burning of a sign bearing the slogan “Black lives is important” he stole from a church during a demonstration in December. .

Police intercepted Tario’s car after his arrival in Washington, according to police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, who added that the detainee would have reached the city via the airport. And Tario himself confirmed last month to “The Washington Post” that he was one of those responsible for burning the sign.

Likewise, Tarrio has been accused of possessing modified chargers that he was in possession of during his arrest. The Proud Boys Wednesday is organizing a protest in support of Trump and his attempts to topple Democratic candidate Joe Biden in court.

The Proud Boys gained particular notoriety during the presidential debates after Trump recommended that they stay “waiting” for the election to unfold. The president publicly condemned them afterward and blamed their comments for a slip.

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