United States: Fatal Bullet Storming into Capitol – No Charges Against Police Officers

Against a policeman with Storming the US Capitol Shot an intruder in January who will not be charged under federal law. The Justice Department said on Wednesday that the Capitol Police officer worked to protect members of the US Congress and himself.

The official fired a bullet at Ashley Babbitt, who was part of the crowd that stormed the Capitol on January 6 in protest against the presidential election result. The 35-year-old injured her left shoulder and later died of her wounds.

Videos of the incident spread quickly in January. According to the Department of Justice, Babbitt was part of a crowd trying to reach a restricted area in the House of Representatives. Capitol Police officers have fortified the doors with furniture on the inside. Outside, intruders smashed doors. Then Babbitt tried to enter through the door. Then the officer fired a bullet.

Five people were killed in the riots, including a Capitol policeman. The FBI The storming of the building is classified as internal terrorism. On the day of the attack, Congress was supposed to win the election of the President of the United States Joe Biden Charity. Incumbent at that time Donald TrumpWho did not want to admit his defeat prompted his supporters to deliver a combat speech in front of the White House immediately before that.

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