United States: Derek Sophin’s trial postponed by at least one day – Floyd murder indictment | Globalism

The trial of the white policeman accused of the death of the African American George Floyd In Minneapolis for at least one day, as the charges raged over him.

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Derek Sophin, 44, appeared in court today to begin the jury selection process. “The potential jurors are here, but let’s be realistic, we’re not going to start the election before tomorrow, at the earliest,” said Judge Peter Cahill of Hennepin County.

The trial was due to begin today and Cahill said it would take three weeks to select a jury alone, as it would be difficult to find an impartial jury in a case that shocked the United States and featured a photo of the victim, a smiling George selfie. Floyd, an international symbol of racial injustice.

On Friday, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ordered Cahill to reconsider the prosecution’s request to reconsider the third charge against the police officer, the third-degree murder (equivalent to “murder by negligence” and punishes Minnesota with death up to 25 years).

Eric Nelson, Safin’s chief attorney, told the court today that his client will soon ask the Supreme Court to overturn Friday’s decision, and the process could take weeks. Prosecutors urged the judge to delay the jury selection process until the issue was resolved.

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