UK vs. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Show Numbers

Government United kingdom invited Netflix e Amazon To reveal viewing data for streaming series originating from UK Public Service Broadcasters (PSB), including Peaky Blinders and Fleabag.

in the current situation, According to the deadline gate, the government said there was an “issue requiring streaming services to share key display data with Ofcom to help them analyze and evaluate the PSB system.” Netflix and Amazon are known to be cautious about their streaming data. streamer like HBO Max e Disney + They are equally protective of their viewing information. Often, in fact, they leave it up to third parties to report how many families have responded to their latest releases. Even when they announce opening weekend results for shows like The Hawk and the Winter Soldier, generally refrain from disclosing accurate statistics.

Netflix and Amazon respond to the request

respond to recommendationوصي DCMSCAnd Netflix and Amazon argued that it would be “commercially insensitive” to disclose their viewer data. The DCMSC did not agree and issued a statement in March. We read in this: Streaming services are an important ‘second window’ for PSB content. What: “Without data from viewers, it is difficult to fully assess the scope of PSBs.” The UK government added that it hoped the data flows could be disclosed “primarily on a voluntary basis”. The fear is having to pass legislation requiring data sharing.

In addition, the DCMSC has recommended streaming services that include the brands of UK public service broadcasters in their chain. This is something Netflix has already done with the show End of the F***ing . world, which shows the UK Channel 4 logo in its thumbnail and an announcer notice at the start of the series. “The relationship between PSB and Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) services is not simple, particularly when PSB content is hosted on streaming services,” The UK government said. Then add: “The Government considers that the issues identified by the Commission relating to the attribution and sharing of data are primarily the subject of contractual negotiations.”

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