UK, potato and cherry chips crisis outbreak: supermarket shelves are empty

In the UK, supermarket shelves complain of another flaw: Where have Fries and Walkers gone?

still problems United kingdom: If there was no milk first and then no fuel, the British are now grappling with another absence. On the supermarket shelves, In fact, Missing Infantry Chips.

Leicester apparently makes these popular English chips and snacks (according to Lester Mercury Purchased by nine out of ten British families) to significantly reduce production of potato chips due to a computer problem.

The recent update for PC is, in fact, inexplicable stopped supplies for some products. A company spokesperson explained that they are doing everything they can to increase production and get the chips back on the shelves.

they walked

Walkers is currently giving Priority to produce the most popular items Like French fries with cheese and onions, salty French fries, salt and vinegar. On the other hand, the supply of specialized varieties has been reduced.

Apparently there last month the sun I have mentioned it PepsiCo, the American giant at the helm of Walkers, has asked retailers to stop listing its products in promotions, just to avoid shortages.

The newspaper pointed out that a Multiple set of potato chips and cherries It is already listed as out of stock or not available on the websites of supermarkets such as Tesco (which recently launched the first cashless supermarket in the UK), Ocado, Asda and Morrisons.

Unfortunately, between the pandemic and Brexit, the UK has been plagued by persistence supply chain problems. Only now, the fact of having to dispense with even the Walkers chips, aroused the indignation and paradox of web users. A user posted on Twitter: “I can stand the lack of bread and gasoline and all that crap, but the lack of chips and cherries is a big deal to me”.

Obviously, as it always happens in these situations, there is no shortage of scammers who have run to grab packets after packs of chips Walkers for Selling them at inflated prices on eBay. A dealer in Leicester put out 32.5g of Walker’s Salt and Vinegar Chips at a cost of £6.89 – usually 60p.

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