UK breads in the hottest spring heat wave with record heats on the continent | time

UK Weather Forecast – Hot weather will hit the UK in the next few days (Image: Netweather)

A stifling plume of the continent boosted by brilliant golden rays will push temperatures into the mid-20s early next week.

Sun worshipers can prepare to bake on a Sunday, if not the hottest March on record on Tuesday, when tropical air envelops large swaths of the country.

However, meteorologists warn against saving the wool with the snow and bitter winds that are expected to return on Easter.

The British should make the most of the warm weather for the next few days before gathering themselves again in the winter farewell.

Mercury is likely to break the monthly record of 25.6 ° C (78.8 ° F) on Tuesday, more than 15 ° C above the average for that time of year.

The record for the highest temperature on record on March 30 is 23.9 ° C (75 ° F) with 22 ° C (71.6 ° F) the current record on March 31.

UK Weather – Sun worshipers can prepare to bake on one of the hottest days of March, if not the recorded day (Image: Netweather)

“We can get close to the record temperature for March next week, but we are likely to see something around the 24 ° C (75.2 ° F) mark,” said Jim Dale, a meteorologist at Britain’s Weather Service.

This was propelled by a plume from the mainland bringing a warm southerly flow for a few days right after the weekend.

“The warmest days will be Monday and the heat up until Tuesday. That will be a real blast for the roast shirt climate.

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The spring heat, unlike anything seen at this time of year for nearly a century, can make daily records of March’s low early in the week.

The record was set on March 30th at 23.9 ° C in Columbton, Devon, in 1929, while the end of the month record was 22 ° C recorded in Wryde, Cambridgeshire, in 1907.

The overall monthly record of 25.6 ° C was set in Mepal, Cambridgeshire, on March 29, 1968, when mercury rose above the average maximum of 9 ° C.

The summer-like increase will come when the latest lockdown easing measures begin to allow up to six people to gather outdoors from Monday.

The jet stream into the northern UK twists allows heat to enter from the south

The jet stream to the fluctuations in the north of the UK allows heat to enter from the south (Photo: Netweather)

“At the beginning of next week, warm weather is here,” said Ben Rich, a BBC meteorologist.

“The flow of southwest winds will bring some fairly warm air in our direction from Monday to Tuesday.”

The hot sun will make you feel like early summer during the start of the week, although the glorious weather will fade away quickly.

Meteorologists expect a major shift from Wednesday onwards as snow and icy winds are likely to weaken the Easter spirit.

Temperatures will drop below freezing in some parts of the country until the weekend and throughout the Easter holidays.

Temperatures as low as -2 ° C over most of northern and eastern Britain will pose a risk of snowfall, as most of the UK struggles to cope with odd numbers.

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Mr Dell said, “The warm weather at the start of the week is going to be really a short wave of joy.

“It will start to relax greatly from midweek onwards and into Easter, and there will be a risk of winter rain in some parts.

However, this is not surprising. White Easter is more commonly seen than White Easter.

“We will go from one extreme to the other within the next week, from unusual heat to very cold again.”

The frenzied changes in the weather will be partly driven by the jet stream drifting in a chaotic manner over the UK.

The subtropical air will flow into the south side of the plane early in the week before Arctic air descends from the north before the weekend.

“The jet stream is moving,” said John Hammond, a meteorologist at

Feeding the subtropical air will allow temperatures to rise during the first part of the week.

“Starting in the middle of the week, a large node will appear in the Atlantic Ocean Jet Stream.

“Temperatures will drop drastically from the north as Easter approaches, and by Good Friday, the northerly winds will make their presence felt across the country.”

Bookmakers expect gamblers to hedge their bets in hot weather to reduce the odds of records falling.

Ladbrokes displays 4-1 from 8–1 in the 1968 record that drops next week to 6-4 less likely on the hottest Easter in history.

“There is a small heat wave that is set to bake Britain,” spokesman Alex Abbate said.

“There is a chance this month will host the hottest March ever.”

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Coral looks to the future as it offers 3-1 in the hottest summer on record and 2-1 in the hottest spring.

“We will go through a period of cold weather now, but once that becomes possible, temperatures will rise dramatically, and we think there is now a good chance that this spring will be the warmest in our history,” said spokesman Harry Aitkenhead.

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