Two policemen were injured in a car explosion near the United States Capitol

Two officers were injured after being run over by United States Congress In a car whose driver was arrested, police said Friday.

“A suspect is being held. The two officers were injured. The three were taken to hospital,” the Twitter newspaper wrote on Twitter. Department Capitol Police.

Television footage showed a blue car crashing into the security barrier on one of the streets leading to United States Congress. They also showed two people on stretchers that appeared to be the two injured officers.

The authorities have not yet released any information on the identity of the car driver.

This accident comes after a violent attack on a building Capitol building It was committed on January 6 by supporters of the former president Donald Trump Who wanted to boycott the ratification of the elections.

Since then, the authorities have set up a barrier and sealed off a large perimeter around United States CongressIn recent days, however, they began to reduce the fenced-off area and open traffic.

After an accident on Friday Capitol building Nearby buildings are closed. Anyway, the Congress It was off Easter, so there were fewer employees around.

Congressman Peter Major called Twitter to “pray” for police officers at Capitol building And by the emergency personnel on site.

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“We are trying to understand the situation that is developing in Capitol building Congressman said.


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