TV Series Review of The Handmaid By Molly Smith Metzler Margaret Qualley [Netflix]

maid reconsidering TV series Molly Smith Metzler With Margaret QualleyAnd Nick RobinsonAnd Anika Noni RoseAnd Tracy VillarAnd Billy Burke NS Andy McDowell

maidAnd New license plate series Netflix who just passed chess queen To become the most watched mini-series ever on the platform with 67 million viewers In the first month of programming, it is taken from woman from cleaning. Hard work, low pay, and a mother’s willingness to survivenovel by Stephanie Land It has become a literary case in the United States. consiglia from Amazon

The story revolves around Alex (Margaret QualleyA girl who lives with her partner Shun (Nick RobinsonAnd the little girl material. One night, tired of violent quarrels with the man, alcoholic and violent, she took the car and the girl, determined to rebuild a new life, without money and without a roof to sleep. The young woman comes from a difficult childhood with a bipolar mother (Andy McDowell), an artist who lives with his partner, and an always absent father. The choice she will make will lead her to a series of inevitable consequences that will make her path as a mother difficult, due to a low-paying job and a lengthy bureaucratic process of providing for her daughter.

Rylea Nevaeh Whittet e Margaret Qualley (Credits: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

Margaret Qualley, Relia Neva Waitet and Nick Robinson
Margaret Qualley, Relia Neva Waitett and Nick Robinson (Credits: Ricardo Hobbs/Netflix)

maidComposed of ten fifty-minute episodes, it is an intimate portrait of a young woman struggling with the hardships of those who, unfortunately, have no income and a home to stay in, forced to do the most desperate jobs to try to survive. Margaret Qualley (Once upon a time in HollywoodAnd Seberg – In sight), born 1994, daughter Andy McDowell He is the driving force of the entire story, as through his undoubted acting skills he manages to immerse himself in a character as complex as Alex’s. By the way, the young actress plays next to her mother, with the latter playing Pola, frontier mother Alex.

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The secret of the success of this short series lies in dealing with very sensitive issues that the viewer can identify with. but maid It is above all the story of a girl who is trying in every way to rid herself of a difficult past, who believed in a love that could improve her, but that only disappointed her. through a character Alex We are witnessing a long path of growth that will lead the protagonist to create a new life for herself, and send a message to those who may be in somewhat the same situation.

Margaret Qualley and Nick Robinson
Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson (Credits: Ricardo Hobbs/Netflix)

Relia Nabaa Wetit and Margaret Qualley
Rylea Nevaeh Whittet e Margaret Qualley (Credits: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

Created by Molly Smith MetzlerAnd maid It is the harsh image of an America where wealth unchallenged dominates, with families living in abject poverty forced to roll up their sleeves to be able to earn a meager salary.

Played by an extraordinary cast, we mention among many Anika Noni Rose (a pile of bonesAnd We are everything), Billy Burke NS Nick RobinsonThe series is brilliantly written and directed by an excellent writing team John WellsHe is known to be the director of some episodes ER – Doctors on the front linesAnd I Osage County Secrets NS Taste of success. maid He manages to fully engage the viewer through the many difficulties that the protagonist has to face, because his dignity, strength and courage Alex Come straight to the heart.

Relia Neva Waitett, Andy McDowell and Margaret Qualley
Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, Andie MacDowell e Margaret Qualley (Credits: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

Maid Netflix TV Review with Margaret Qualley
Maid serie TV Netflix di Molly Smith Metzler con Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson e Andie MacDowell

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