Trump Loses Another Case Challenges Election Results in Another Legal Reprimand | US News

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Donald Trump He lost an appeal in federal court Saturday in Wisconsin while judges said another case “emanates from racism.”

The slaps came less than 24 hours after the shooting Sudden dismissal By the United States Supreme Court, one of the most daring Republican attempts to date was annulment Joe Biden’s victory In the elections for nearly six weeks.

But despite stinging legal defeats and recent reprimands, Trump flew into the sky in a Marine One presidential helicopter on Saturday en route to participate in New York and Flew Over A protest of several hundred fanatics Supporters in Washington DC, who insisted to support its false claims that the election was “stolen” from him with fraud and conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the US Electoral College will vote on Monday to confirm Biden’s resounding victory, along with his Democratic Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Few Republicans have joined the leading Democrats in speaking out about the increasing futility, but also of the lame duck president’s wits to power.

After the Supreme Court ruling, Kristin Todd Whitman, former Republican governor of New Jersey, said of Trump’s campaign challenges to the election result: “It’s now really over. Trump and his followers need to stop all efforts to deprive millions of votes.”

more than 120 Republican members From the House of Representatives wrote a friendly briefing to the Supreme Court last week in support of the lawsuit brought by Texas, which Trump joined and aimed at overturning Biden’s victory in four major swing states, which the court abruptly rejected Friday night. To consider.

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, called the effort an “insult to the country”.

“It is an affront to the constitution and leaves an indelible stigma, and it will be difficult for these 126 members to wipe off their political skin.” Tell New York times.

In Wisconsin on Saturday, US District Judge Brett Ludwig rejected one of Trump’s recent lawsuits there that asked the court to order the Republican-controlled state legislature to name him the winner, while Biden actually won Wisconsin on his way to winning the White Prize. a house.

Even when Ludwig said Trump’s arguments “failed as a matter of law and fact,” the president’s attorney, Jim Tropez, was busy arguing in another case, before a skeptical Wisconsin Supreme Court, a lawsuit that, if successful, would deny hundreds of rights. Vote. Of the thousands of voters in the most diverse Wisconsin counties, Danish and Milwaukee, Biden won.

Trump is not contesting which votes in the Wisconsin counties he won.

Judge Jill Karovsky told Trump’s lawyer at the start of his arguments, “This case, Mr. Tropis, reeks of racism.”

She added: “I do not know how you can appear before this court and may request a treatment that has not been heard before in the history of the United States … This is not normal.”

One of his fellow judges in Karovsky in that case, where the decision now awaits, indicated that Trump also did not take such challenges when he won Wisconsin on his way to the White House in 2016.

Trump supporters protested the election result in front of the US Supreme Court on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Trump supporters protested the election result in front of the US Supreme Court on December 12, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo: Jose Luis Magana / AFP / Getty Images

Trump and his allies have already suffered dozens of defeats in Wisconsin and across the country in lawsuits relying on unfounded allegations of widespread fraud and election violations.

The US Supreme Court’s rejection Friday of the Texas case, which asked the court to annul Biden’s victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, despite Trump’s nomination of three of the nine justices, has tilted the court largely to the right.

New York State Attorney Letitia James, who was among 23 prosecutors who asked the highest court to dismiss the Texas lawsuit, said in a statement: “The Supreme Court has rejected Texas’s efforts to nullify the results of the 2020 election, and Americans across the country can rest assured that they are not.” The will of the people will be heard. “

James continued, “The court’s decision to reject these ridiculous allegations guarantees protection of the integrity of our elections and that elections cannot be canceled simply because we disagree with the results.”

James will participate in the official confirmation of Trump’s loss in the November 3 election.

“On Monday, I and other members of the Electoral College across the country will fulfill our constitutional duty and take the last step to ensure that Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States and that Kamala Harris becomes the 49th Vice President of the United States,” she said.

Chris Sunono, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, indicated that this should be the end of the road for Trump’s campaign to fight the outcome.

“What happened to the Supreme Court, was this sort of like, where they sort of exhausted all the legal appeals. We’ve got to go ahead,” he told CNN.

Instead, he called on the Trump administration and the US Congress to address the Coronavirus crisis, Which was never controlled and killed more than 3,300 people in the past 24 hours, and you get New vaccine For the people.

The coat of arms of the president on Scottish golf courses, as did Atlantic magazine pointed outIt might have the slogan “Never allowLatin means ‘never compromise’ – but the mantra increasingly conveys a sense of indomitable more than dangerous despair.

“The courts have been very clear in rejecting Trump’s efforts to backtrack on the 2020 election … it’s in fact it’s a consensus judgment,” said Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School and author of The Fight to Vote.

The repercussions of the litigation have been worrying for American democracy.

He said: “It is clear that there is a very strong unprecedented anti-democracy impulse in the United States that can be activated very easily, and this will be a big battle for years.”

“What Trump and the Republicans have done is just horrific,” he added.

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