Trese: Trailer for the new anime series from Netflix

Netflix has posted the first official trailer for its new anime series on its YouTube channel shaking, Based on the Filipino comic series he wrote Budget Tan And artist Cashew Baldesimo. The voice cast is revealed in English.

shaking: Plot, trailer, and actors

Story of the shaking Follow Alexandra Therese, the latest in a long line of fighters who has maintained a balance between the supernatural and humanity. However, mysterious forces plan to upset this balance, leading Petris to battle several supernatural threats.


Cast shaking From the English version see Shay Mitchell (pretty little Liars) While in the role of Alexandra Trese Mister Lisa He is the Filipino translator. Along with Mitchell in the English language voice cast there Darren Chris (FunAnd the Superman: The Man of Tomorrow), John John Briones (torn), Nicole Scherzinger (Moana), Mane Jacinto (Good place), Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmere) H. Dante Basco (Avatar: Another Airbender).

This is the official trailer:

Executive Producer Jay OlivaWhen the cast was announced for Mitchell and Soberano, he said:

“It is important to find someone who can explain Letter By Alexandra Therese. My worries disappeared as soon as Shay Mitchell walked into the recording room. Alexandra Shay exceeded my expectations and put on a performance of strength, determination and family duty that is at the heart of personality. If that wasn’t enough, imagine my happiness when we confirmed that Lisa Soberano has joined the Filipino Voice Cast! I’m a big fan of her and she fits the character really well. Lisa as Alexandra Therese in the series makes this project even more special for me and my team!

shaking It will premiere on June 11th on Netflix.

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