Transgender swimmer scandal: ‘Biological man competes against women’

As she broke all records, transgender swimmer Leah Thomas has now been criticized from above. The case caused a sensation in the United States.

Greensboro (USA) – Because it broke all records set so far, it was transgender– Criticize swimmer Leah Thomas, 22, now from the top. The case caused a sensation in the United States.

Leah Thomas, 22, was born male, but identifies as a woman. © Screenshot FacebookSwimSwam

For three decades, Cynthia Millen has been one of the top sports officials in the United States. With a nationally acclaimed statement, the 66-year-old resigned from her senior position.

Their protests were directed against young athlete Leah Thomas, who is setting one new record after another on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team.

Mylene said she’s a “biological man who swims against women.” As a transgender swimmer, Thomas was “ruining” the sport.

GNTM model Lucy answers questions about gender change "Relaxed style"
GNTM model Lucy answers questions about gender reassignment in a ‘comfortable way’

The starkly obvious words elicited a controversial media response – because individual athletes are not usually criticized by officials to this extent.

“I can’t support that,” said Milene, who quit her US Para Swimming Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. New York Post.

“The truth is that swimming is a physical sport against bodies. Identities do not compete with identities,” Milen explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News last Monday.

“Boys have greater lung capacity, larger hearts, greater circulation, more skeletons, and less fat. Male swimmers are different from female swimmers, and they will always be faster than women,” said Melin.

“It would be ridiculous to throw away the legacy of female Olympians like Janet Evans or Jenny Thompson,” said Cynthia Millen. “Anything exposed in swimming will be destroyed,” she added.

Leah Thomas came out as a transgender in 2019 after three years on the Pennsylvania men’s team. Since her gender change, the player has been swimming in the women’s team.

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