EC Bad Nauheim: Coach Lange expects a reaction

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Harry Lang is unhappy with the way the defeat at Landshut took place. In EC Bad Nauheim’s “six point match” against Kassel Huskies, the coach now expects a reaction.

‘Six-point match’ in early year ice hockey marathon: By six points (one game more), second-division club EC Bad Nauheim welcomes colossal chaser Castle Husky (ten wins) on Thursday (7:30pm, SpradeTV) from the last twelve match). Sunday (5 p.m.) The Devils will be guests in Bayreuth.

How is English week with the Red Devils? Harry Lang, coach, was upset after 2:4 on Tuesday in Landshut. The gifts his team distributed four days after Christmas Eve were one and the same. What worries the coach: “Landshut wanted to win more than us. If one of the two teams is better, I accept it. If another team wants more, works more and invests more, I have a problem. Landshut. Perhaps this or that, given the failures of the hosts – three big guys were missing with Alderson, Holt and Holtsman – made it all too easy. Accordingly, Lang now expected a response.

Jerry Polastron is expected to return to Bad Neuheim on Thursday morning after a short trip to the US (Bereavement in the Family). Nico Dobrisken missed the match from Landshut and Wednesday’s training due to the cold. Mark Sherverin gets beaten up.

Kassel – on the rise: The final knockout from May appears to have been absorbed. With the beginning of the coming of Christ, the Husky is now taking on the role and playing as expected. After losing at home to Bad Nauheim, Tim Keeler’s side have won ten of their twelve games and are now fifth, just six points behind Bad Nauheim, with Northern Hesse one game away. Stand out on this balance sheet but also two defeats away to direct competitors in the middle of the table (2:7 in Freiburg / 0:6 in Dresden). Note: Despite their long-term injury to their Canadian striker Cory Trevino, the Huskys have revamped their squad in German defensive positions (Maxim Rausch / Fabian Rybnitsky) and they only have three players. Former Devil Joel Kesen is the second top scorer as a defender behind Jimmy McQueen. Mitch Wahl entered himself brilliantly (16 points in 14 games).

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Bayreuth – Persistence missing: We know that in Bayreuth: Tigers lack consistency. After a poor start to the season and a strong intermediate boom, Petri Koggala’s team has once again fallen back to the playing positions. Of the past seven matches, only one can be won. In three of the last five encounters, Bayreuth has been left without a goal of his own; Despite DEL2 top scorer Phil Yarvelinen, though Kasun Hohmann, who is the best DEL2 in his ranks. And on Tuesday, Wagnerstadt lost 4-0 in the derby to Silp. After weeks of having a small team, there are currently seven defenders and eleven forwards in the squad. Ivan Kolozvari is expected to stop with a horse kiss again on Sunday. There is no long-term failure Daniel Stevenhofer, one of the former Nine Devils alongside Peter Koggala, former Hessen coach. Defender Garrett Prudden, the homegrown Red Devil, – behind Colozvari – can point to the second-best plus-minus stats of all regular players (+1).

Confessed by 250 fans: The Ministry of Health has approved 250 spectators for the next three matches at their home ground. The Red Devils drew 100 tickets for each home match between season ticket holders. Other Cards are reserved for Advertising Partners and Limited Partners.

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