Trailer for the New Netflix Drama

The film’s first directorial appearance is Anthony Mandler, a famous composer of music videos, which sees Kelvin Harrison Jr. at the helm of a co-star also made up of Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, Tim Blake Nelson and John David Washington. The movie will open on May 7th.

Anthony Mandler He is one of the most famous names in the music video world, and he is the author of videos for artists like Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Drake And many more. right Now almonds His feature film is about to debut with a movie called Monster, which will be available in flow it’s a Netflix from May 7.
monster It tells the story of an African American boy who studies in a film school and has a family that loves and supports him, but all his dreams for the future faded when he is accused of murder. In the role of the hero we find Kelvin Harrison Jr., Which is a completely unknown name, especially in Italy, where Mandler, along with a cast that includes the names of Jennifer Hudson, Geoffrey Wright, Jaryl Jerome, Jennifer Elle, Racim Myers, Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones, Tim Blake Nelson and John David Washington.
Less The Italian Trailer and Official Monster Plot:

Monster tells the story of Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), a brilliant 17-year-old student whose world collapses when he’s accused of murder. The film follows the dramatic path of a clever and brilliant Harlem film student in an elite high school through complex legal battles that could lead him to life in prison.

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