Space for people in a confined space – Basel

An exhibition at the Museum of Architecture in Basel shows how public spaces can be created in densely populated cities.

. Construction land is expensive and scarce, and cities grow and become denser. At the same time, more people need more public space. The São Paulo example shows that this can be supplemented. The social infrastructure of the Brazilian city is the subject of an exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Architecture (S AM) in Basel. It is also transported directly to the city on the knee of the Rhine with models from students of the Northwestern University of Applied Sciences.

More than eleven million people live in close proximity to each other in the Brazilian capital. Where is there a place for them? For example in the outdoor swimming pool, around the tower of skyscrapers. It is located on the 13th floor, on the roof terrace at “SESC 24 de maio”, in the center of São Paulo. There are more than 20 of these groups in the city. They are cultural centers with theaters, libraries, sports facilities with bathrooms, climbing facilities, fitness studios, meeting points with bars and restaurants – all in one block.
Exhibition “Reach for All” …

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