Netflix, “The Last Love Letter”: plot and cast

The Last Love Letter is the new Netflix movie that will be released on the streaming platform on July 23, 2021. The film belongs to the dramatic and emotional genre, and follows two parallel love stories, one born in the 1960s and the other in the present. Let’s find out the plot and the actors together.

last love letter It is a romantic and dramatic film based on the movie of the same name a novel From Jojo Moyes Released in 2008. The movie will be available in Netflix from 23 July 2021.

The movie is directed by Augustine Frieselli I entrust the script to the writer This is Spalding and screenwriter Nick Payne. Filming began in October 2019 in Mallorca, then moved to the United Kingdom and ended in December of the same year.

The last love letter: the plot

Messages from your lovera journalist ambitious by name Eli Find a string of secret love letters I wrote in 60 seconds Which tells the story of a forbidden relationship. Ellie decides to solve the mystery about the love letters.

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The girl comes to find out who the two lovers are Jennifer Sterling, wife of a wealthy industrialist, eه Anthony O’HareAn economic reporter has to write an article about the businessman. Meanwhile, Ellie falls in love with her RoryShe is a colleague and an archivist who will help her solve the mystery.

Actors: Actors and Characters

2021-05-07 L-Last-letter-of-love-01the hero of the story Eli Haworth It is interpreted by Felicity Joneswhile his assistant Rory Fall in love played before Nabhan Radwan.

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Shailene Woodley Plays the role of Jennifer Sterling In the sixties, while nowadays she plays the role of a woman Diana Kent. Calum Turner he is Anthony O’Hare In the past, while Ben Cross He plays the role of a man in the present.

The rest of the cast consists of the following actors and actresses:

  • Joe Alwyn in turn Lawrence Stirling
  • Emma Appleton in turn Hana
  • Bilhelm Bloomgren in turn rob
  • Anne Ogbomo in turn Jeanette
  • Alfredo Tavares in turn Charlie
  • my night in turn Francis
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