Tom Hanks says wearing a mask should be so easy in the first TV interview since he recovered from Covid-19

“The idea of ​​doing someone’s part should be so simple,” the 63-year-old actor said on the subject Show “TODAY” Tuesday in his first TV interview since recovering from Covid-19.

“Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands. It just means contributing to the betterment of your home, your work, your city, society as a whole and it’s such a small thing,” Hanks said.

“For me, it’s a mystery how something that should be embedded in the behavior of all of us has somehow been erased. Simple things. Do your thing,” he added.

The 63-year-old actor and his wife Rita Wilson, both positive tests in Marchboth are the first celebrities to announce that they have infected the virus and shocked their fans.

Although many of those infected with the coronavirus cannot feel severe symptoms or even be asymptomatic, Hanks said we should not forget the fact that it “kills people”.

As for their own battles with Covid-19, Hanks said Guard that he and his wife had “very different reactions.”

“My wife lost her sense of taste and smell. She had severe nausea, she had a much higher temperature than me. I just had crippled body aches, I was very tired all the time and I couldn’t concentrate on anything more than about 12 minutes.” Hanks told a British newspaper.

Hanks, who starred in World War II’s “Greyhound,” which premiered on Apple TV + on Friday, said Americans should have the same type of unity they had during the war.

“It was a sensibility (during World War II) that permeated the whole of society, which seems to be your job, we are all together in this,” he told TODAY.

It’s Hanks’ recovery plasma donation hoping to be used to research treatments against Covid-19. In April, he hosted “Saturday Night Live” from his home, joking that he is a famous canary in a coal mine when it comes to the virus.
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CNN’s Frank Pallotta contributed to this report.

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