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Keystone / Reto Schneider

This is how the Swiss trade unions were (a little asleep) They took advantage of the Italian immigration rush Sixties and seventies.

Episode 4 of “The Italian in Switzerland” takes us to the field of workers’ rights. The participation of Italians in union activity It was not immediate, but it brought demands and struggle strategies that benefited everyone The staff.

In Switzerland, the so-called “Peace of work” aimed at resolving conflicts through negotiationsWith the waiver of workers’ strikes and employer retaliation. A peace guaranteed above all by the luxury of the post-war period.

But when the Swiss economy began to slow in the mid-1970s, and entrepreneurs curbed their individual privileges Swiss trade unions have begun to change strategy, With the contribution of new arrivals.

  • Here’s what happened, in the story of Unia Guglielmo Grossi’s former unionist, whom our collaborator Perla Ciommi met
  • Italian in Switzerland and its strong defender: pictureExternal link Journalist, lawyer and politician Emilio Bossi 150 years after his birth
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