The UK expects a cap on emissions of CO2 by 15 years

Boris Johnson accelerated decarbonization. The prime minister announced that Britain plans to cut harmful emissions by 78% by 2035, fifteen years ahead of schedule. The new targets will be set by law, and for the first time they will also impose restrictions on the air transport sector, by land and by ship.

Johnson said: “We want to aim to protect the climate higher and higher, and that is why we have put in place the most ambitious emissions cuts in the world,” stressing that this step is not only the right thing to do, but it will also have a positive impact on the British economy that attracts investment and encourages Innovation: The prime minister’s announcement, which coincides with the virtual summit on the state of climate emergency organized by US President Joe Biden on Thursday, places Britain first in the world in the fight against “ global warming ”.


AIE predicts emissions boom

The International Energy Agency (IEA), which predicts a surge in harmful emissions in the world in 2021, says the battle is becoming increasingly difficult due to the economy’s recovery after the pandemic. It will be the second-highest increase in emissions in history, second only to what happened a decade ago after the financial crisis, and the boom in carbon dioxide emissions is due to the increase in the use of coal to generate electricity in Asia but also in the United States. States. Using more polluting fossil fuels is “disappointing and worrying”, according to the agency, because the drop in the cost of renewables has made them cheaper than coal. The International Energy Agency emphasized that only decisive and rapid intervention by governments can prevent an irreversible deterioration of the climate.

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The commitment of Great Britain, the first developed country to cut emissions so quickly, is intended to set an example for other governments and a call to do the same. Johnson looks beyond the virtual summit in Washington at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Cop-26, organized by the United Kingdom and Italy, to be held in Glasgow in November. The UK government has adopted all of the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Climate Change (CCC), including reducing harmful emissions by 78% of 1990 levels within fifteen years.

A more ambitious goal

The previous goal was to reduce 68% by 2030, with the ultimate goal of zero emissions by 2050. Many aspects of the economy and people’s daily lives will have to change to achieve the set targets. Less car travel, less air travel, less heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, for example. More thermal insulation in homes and offices, more use of renewable energy sources, more trees, which is why environmental organizations, while welcoming the Johnson announcement, requested guarantees on the funds available to finance the difficult transition to a “ greener economy ”. Achieve any of the pre-set emissions reduction targets.

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