To date, nearly 24,000 vaccinations have been carried out in the Landshut

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With much higher vaccines delivered, operations at the Landshut County Vaccination Center could also expand. The first 400 vaccinations are scheduled per day at the vaccination center.

The vaccination bus has now started its sixth round: Since this comprehensive concept has worked so well, a second doctor will be deployed to each site with immediate effect. As a result, the number of first vaccinations will be increased to 186 vaccines per day starting Friday. In addition, there are the vaccinations, which are administered by mobile teams – they are currently being used mainly in primary schools in the area to boost the vaccination of employees there. Due to changing conditions of use for Astrazeneca, some dates had to be postponed and rescheduled.

The appointments are mainly within the prioritization group 2

So far, a total of about 24,000 coronavirus vaccinations have been conducted at the vaccination center and the vaccination bus: Currently, deadlines are mainly within the priority set 2. According to the county office, vaccinations for hospital staff and treatments that are not fully considered can be carried out from By general practitioners. A large portion of the vaccinations that have already been administered, just under 11,200, go to citizens over the age of 80 who have been included in the first priority group (about 6,300 first vaccinations, just under 4,900 already have full immunization protection). Appointment allocation is still automated via the BayIMCO program, which is used uniformly throughout Bavaria and works according to a special algorithm. However, if a small number of citizens over the age of 80 do not receive an offer of vaccination, they are required to call 0871408-1102 or -1103.

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Registrations for a coronavirus vaccine are still possible at any time on – regardless of age, medical history, or profession of the person seeking the vaccination. – pnp

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