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The complete player base of the still popular mobile title Pokemon GO Show in the past Pokemon Go Festival 2021 Decent performance and complete all the tasks that developer Niantic presented as global challenges. As a reward for completing 24 hurdles, Arrivals are waiting Hyperbonus eventsMore information about which has been shared on the official website.

Under the influence of the mysterious Hoopa, Dialga and Palkia, the legendary Pokemon of space and time appears. Part 1: The time of the hyperbonus Today starts July 23 and runs until 8pm on August 3. Swirling in time, you can meet Dialga in level 5 raid battles and increasingly encounter fossil pokemon and pocket monsters from different eras. at Part 2: Hyperbonus Chamber, which begins August 6 and runs through August 17, Palkia pays homage to Level 5 raid battles and shows Pokémon in habitats that aren’t actually part of their usual worlds.

It doesn’t seem that the end of the strange events is in sight, because the mysterious third part of the Hyperbonus event takes place between August 20 and 31, about which nothing else is known. A list of events for the respective event section can be found below.

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